Laesoe news 1st of Juli:

The Danish Government has released a Summer package 2020 that makes it free to sail to small islands in the month of July, when on foot or on bike. Laesoe included.

This means that it is possible to book accommodation on the mainland and sail to Laesoe every day to participate in Laesoe 3-days.  

You need to book tickets to the ferry for you and your bike.

Distances from Vesteroe Harbour to the events is 6 km the first two days and 10 km the last day. Easy to cover by bike.  

Læsø news 26.06.2020

Now the course controllers Pia and Lene have been to Læsø and have each checked around 100 controls. It became hot the last day, and there were many insects in the forest. It was better in the open land.
Some of the control markings were chewed by the cattle that are in some of the fenced areas, but in the end all was in place. Look forward to some challenging experiences in the area.

We are not yet the maximum number of participants because there is no more accommodation available on Læsø.
You can try to look at the list of foreign participant found on the English version of the event home page under Registration. Perhaps there are other participants from your club that you know. Perhaps some has a spare room. You could try to ask.

It is also possible to have accommodation on the mainland in Frederikshavn area, and then take the ferry to Læsø and back again every day. You must be on a bike because of the distances from the harbour to the events. Ferry prices for persons on foot or per bike might be cheaper in July because of a possible special summer package from the government. This will be known after 1st of July.  
The event is open for registration for all days until the end of July 3rd.
The event is open for registration for single days until the end of July 10th.

I have hired the local Læsø band ’Eno Fliér’ to entertain us 2 times ½ hour at the Wednesday evening price giving event. This will be ‘hygge’.

Final bulletin (instructions) will be on the homepage at last one week before the event.  

Corona restrictions for foreigners travelling to Denmark:

It is now allowed for residents from Germany, Norway and Iceland to travel to Denmark, if in passion of a valid accommodation booking for at least 6 nights, but not in Copenhagen. Laesoe is fine.  

Negotiations with Sweden and Finland is still ongoing. Will probably be finalized during the month of June. Residents from other countries then the above listed are not expected to be allowed into Denmark until after the summer. We will of course refund payments already done by foreigners when they cancel.

Contact information: Event director Keld Gade om mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Laesoe 3-days news: We do arrange Laesoe 3-days in one form or the other. smile

The mapper and the course setter has now visited Laesoe to finalize the map revision, to check possible control settings, and to put markers in the forest where the controls are to be.
Laesoe Plantation looks like it normally does.  J. Lots of fine areas for 3 days of orienteering.

Everything is still a little uncertain because of the Corona situation, but we now have the new guidelines from the Danish Orienteering Federation for organizers and participants, issued on May 15th and valid from June 8th. We will plan and act according to these guidelines.

So we will have 3 fine events with the following characteristics:

Free start over 5 hours set with time-slots per club. Time slots will be announced in the final instructions/bulletin.
Electronic timing.
Results only on the homepage on the web. Including O-track (free app for uploading and comparing courses)
No assembly area. No club tents.
No billboards with information at the site. You must find all information on the web before the race.
No drinking stations at start, in the forest or at the finish. You must bring and carry your own water.
No extra control descriptions. Will be on the maps only.
No backup label for the Emit E-card.
Fine quality maps and courses.
Friendly officials to guide you at start and finish areas.
No canteen.
A marked kids course in a separate area.

Wednesday evening: Dining together but still apart. Outside in the fine weather. Distance between people according to the latest corona regulations. 

It looks like it will be allowed for foreigners to travel to Denmark from the mid of June. A confirmed reservation for accommodation booked on Laesoe shall be presented at the border as proof of legal access to the country.  

Everything depends on the development of the corona situation, and the changes in rules set by the authorities.  I will communicate changes in news on the event homepage on the web. 

Stay healthy

Event planner and course setter Keld Gade                                                            20.05.2020


News in relation to Corona restrictions!!

Several have asked if Laesoe 3-days 2020 will be carried through in these Corona times.  

They have already early this year made reservations for accommodation and ferry transport, and perhaps also paid for both. Danish runners cannot get their payments back, as it is allowed to use summer houses and camp sites, and it is ok to travel in Denmark.
As the borders at the moment are closed, it is possible for foreigners to cancel accommodation and ferry transport and have the fee returned. Anyway there are still many that want to go to Laesoe in Juli if possible, and they would like to have some runs in the forest.

If the Corona restrictions in Denmark are not made tighter than today, there will still be 3 possible runs in the forest, made in accordance with the rules set by the Danish Orienteering federation on 8th of April. Only control flags in the forest. No electronic timing. Free start during a prolonged period.
After each day, all courses will be in O-track app for you to upload tracks and do analyses.

If the Corona restrictions are made looser, it might be possible to have electronic timing, we will see.

For now we are awaiting the next official announcement from the authorities about re-opening the country and for foreigners also re-opening the borders. The official deadline for this announcement is May 10th.
After then we will publish more details.



14/7-2019: Middle distance, Læsø klitplantage south.

15/7-2019: Long distance, Læsø klitplantage west.

16/7-2019: Long distance, Læsø klitplantage east.

In 2020 we will arrange Læsø 3-days without the traditional ultrashort distance in a town area.

We have made a new map over the southern part of the terrain, and it is a very fine area, so now it will be tried in a middle distance.